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In-Service/Out of Service Inspection

In-service/out of service inspection is needed for; engineering and evaluation of the pressure vessels, lifting and conveyer equipment, steam/gas turbines and similar critical equipment of facilities during periodical or scheduled stops and maintenace works. Scope of this inspection cover; condition survey, control of repairing works, inspections after repair etc.


Some inspection fields:


  • API 653 Atmospheric Storage Tanks Inspection (with API Authorized Inspector)

  • API 570 Pipe-Line Inspection

  • Power Station

  • Storage and Filling Facilities

  • Refineries

  • Cement Industry

  • Chemical Facilities

  • Petroleum Platform

  • Wellbore DS-1, API 7G, API 4G

  • Drill pipe DS-1, API 7G, API 4G

  • Iron and Steel Industry …etc.


Also, railway inspection, periodical control of axles and wheels of trains is carried out with advanced technological equipment.

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Pre-Shipment Inspection

Tesko provides various inspection and conformity assessment services for exported goods, comply with related laws and regulations.


This inspection covers:


  • Sampling and quality control

  • Quantity and Weight control

  • Dimensional Control

  • Packing and marking control

  • Sealing

  • Handling inspection

  • Damage control

  • Temperature control

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Product Verification

Conformity of products is verified as per application standards, codes and regulations. Checking of design and raw material selection, fabrication inspection, verification of tests are the sample ways of product verification and certification.


Products we verify:


  • Metal Sheets

  • Metal Pipes

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Boilers

  • Atmospheric Storage Tanks

  • Pipe Lines

  • Electrical Material and Equipments

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Under Water Inspections

In maritime, sometimes under water inspections are needed. As Tesko we provide this service for our customers. Main examination areas are bottoms of ships and other sea vehicles, underwater parts of pipe-lines, fabrication, maintenance and repair works of mooring & buoy systems, construction of slipways, block installation works; duck legs, under water condition survey.

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