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About Us

As a service oriented company, we give great importance to quality through our team of qualified professionals. All Tesko employees possess specific qualifications related to their respective roles and have extensive experience in their fields to supervise and inspect various engineering projects.
Our Company

Tesko has started its activities in 2004 in Istanbul, Turkey and has taken part in numerous projects without compromising the principle of reliability starting from the date of its foundation. Our company primarily focuses on engineering inspection services with special emphasis on the NDT sector. Tesko provides services to a wide range of industries including maritime, offshore, oil, gas, power and petrochemical.


Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We are honest, ethical and upfront because trust is at the foundation of our relationships with our customers, our communities, our stakeholders and each other. We know, it is critical that we respect everyone at every level of our business. We champion diversity, embrace individuality and listen carefully when others speak. To be the best, we're going to keep pushing ourselves in new and exciting directions. These values will guide our every action.


Tesko has been being managed by experienced staff and supported by a team of skillful technicians, engineers and technical supervisors with a commitment to the ensure smooth operation at all sites. We are confident to provide a comprehensive warranty for our profession. We believe that, we have the experience and the expertise to undertake any related engineering and maintenance works.

How We Operate

At Tesko, we believe strongly in managing through measurement, and that philosophy is embedded in all of our processes. Results are reviewed on a monthly basis at every level of our organization and routinely shared with clients. This feedback serves as the basis for our program of continuous improvement. Our organization is designed to provide reliable, repeatable service for every client, everywhere, every day.

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