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At Tesko, we are dedicated to the belief that people are our most important asset. Whatever the nature of the challenge, whether meeting the quality assurance needs of our customers or the training needs of our personnel, it is our passionate, committed and empowered people who ultimately make the difference.


Trust is at the core of all ethical business dealings. Trust that others will do as they say and trust that we will live up to our commitments. One key to building trust is being transparent in the way we communicate with others, and by providing timely and accurate information. 


Tesko’s diverse and experienced professionals work together toward a common goal of excellence in every aspect of the business. Our people are our strength. With a deep commitment to their tasks, and a thirst to better their achievements, our highly skilled teams constantly push the envelope to develop innovative and superior solutions for all our customers.


During our recruitment process we identify the individual's skill sets and knowledge, which we then align with specific requirements of the role, our corporate culture, customer expectations and our business goals. Each employee goes through rigorous training, which taps their immense talent and empowers them to maximize their potential, thus shaping them, from the very beginning, to deliver their best. Apart from the regular training, we offer our employees in-house NDT courses. 

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